"Large format printing, graphics and displays make huge statements by themselves."

But why stop there, Ultraviolet Coating provides the durability and punch that large prints and graphics deserve!


What is UV or Ultraviolet Coating?

UV coating, or ultraviolet coating, is a coating applied to the printed surface and cured on a special machine using ultraviolet light. UV coating makes your printed piece eye catching, and is perfect for products that can benefit from a rich and dramatic look.

What are the Benefits of UV Coatings for Large Format Printing?

Ultraviolet coating has several advantages over other coating methods such as aqueous coating or varnish. It is more cost effective than traditional laminations. Abstract Image Group does not spray on coatings but applies them using a off line UV coater which allows us to provide high end results with images up to 50 inches wide. Some advantages of UV coating include:

  • Ultravilolet coating can achieve very high shine finish: When compared to varnish or aqueous coating UV coating stands above them all
  • Good abrasion resistance: If your printed piece is going to be handled or exposed to repeated use, UV coatings combination of visually appealing and durability makes it a great combination for packaging, signage, banners and trade show graphics.
  • Ultraviolet coating allows piece to resist smudging and marking and allows it to maintain a professional, high quality appearance due to an extremely hard finish, one known for being both chemical and abrasion resistant.
  • Offers high clarity: UV coatings make details pop and stand out, and are perfect for photographic images and company logos.
  • Environmentally friendly: UV coatings are free of solvents and do not emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs when cured. 
  • Instantaneous drying time with UV light exposure: By drying so quickly, the use of UV coating helps reduce production time, enabling earlier shipping and delivery times.

UV Coatings allow you to really make your printed piece stand out. Depending on what kind of end result you want to achieve, coatings work to enhance the desired outcome. Use UV coating to make those rich, full color photos stand out, allow your strong graphical elements to pop, and really showcase your products.

UV Coating Finishes Include:

  • UV Ultra High Gloss Coating: UV high gloss coating produces the most cost effective highest gloss finish available. When UV is used on deep, rich colors, like blues and rich blacks, the result is an almost wet appearance. This can be highly effective with high key image-rich projects like packaging, comprehensives and presentations. The stunning shine it creates adds snap and makes it a perfect choice for certain designs and products.
  • UV Matte Coating: UV matte coating produces a durable flat finish. Effective with projects like signage, banners, packaging, comprehensives and presentations. The matte finish produces a non glare surface on any image.
  • UV Satin Coating: UV satin coating produces a nice elegant look. This can be highly effective with projects like packaging, comprehensives and presentations. The satin finish creates a soothing effect adds depth to deep rich colors.
  • UV Soft Touch Coating: This specialty coating is a huge hit with the design comunity. The feel of soft Touch Coating is just amazing adding a velvety, matte look and feel to your piece. UV soft touch coating achives a more durable soft touch sensory effect then any other coating available. Perfect for packaging, comprehensives, POP displays and presentation materials, it takes any design to unimaginable heights.
  • UV Dry Erase Coating: UV dry erase coating produces a durable, dry erase surface that can be wiped off. Effective with projects like Menu boards and presentation boards. The dry erase finish is perfect for Corporate presentations, court room interactive displays and charts.

Abstract Image group belives that your product is unique, but what better way to make it stand out than UV coating. Call our technical sales team today to discuss how Ultra Violet Coatings can make your project shine.

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