Experience the Quality and Capabilities of Advanced UV Flatbed Printing Technology...

Using state-of-the-art UV flat bed printing technology and our team of seasoned professionals, Abstract Image Group delivers the highest quality Large Format Printing Solution available today. With this technologically advanced UV flat bed printer we are able to offer both outstanding image quality as well as applications versatility that was not available in the recent past.

Printing White Ink allows for Image Versatility...

With the ability to print Full 4/C color as well as White ink the possibilities are endless. Try printing the colors in layer combinations like: using 4/C + white + 4/C on clear material can be perfect for a 2 sided displays. Printing 4/C + 4/C + White can produce color saturated stunning transparencies or rear illuminated displays. Try 4/C + Spot White + 4/C can allow you to have different messages on both sides of the glass but allow a translucent "see Thru" effect on maybe flowing fabrics. Leave areas clear when printing on Plexiglass and AcrylicPETG or even Glass. Print on Wood or Metal material using white can create stunning results by allowing the material to show thru.

Think of the versatility and flexibility that a designer has, when they have input on color control. Teamed with our technicians we can implement your vision and the results are truly amazing.

Advanced Flatbed Printing Applications...

Perfect for POP/POS production, backlit images, exhibition graphics, presentation boards, exterior and interior signage, floor, ceiling or wall displays as well as a host of specialty applications. Speak with our knowledgeable design team today to explore the possibilities of bringing your ideas to life.

Now Image On Materials You Could Only Dream Of...

Print directly on materials up to 1.9" thick and the capability to print on virtually any rigid or flexible material imaginable.
Wood, Plastic, Metal, Ceramic Tiles, Cardboard, PETG, Plexiglass and Acrylic, FoilsPaper and more. The choices are yours, the possibilities are endless and the results breath taking.

  • Printing directly to Marble
  • Printing to vacuum form able muslin
  • Printing directly to both sides of 1/4 inch plexiglass. Full color and white on rear and spot color on front.
  • Large check, jumbo check, presentation check
  • Printing on vinyl floor tile
    before installation
  • Printing double sided to window cling
  • direct printing to gold foil stock
  • custom shaped table tents are eye catching.
  • Printing on 1/2" Black gator board
  • prototype boxes are perfect for presentations.
  • Printing to plexiglass with white
    spot color
  • Printing directly to metal plates
  • Printing floor graphics on floor
    graphic vinyl
  • Billiards Print3
  • Billiards Cut1
  • MicroEdge Print 2
  • Tea Box
  • Marble Print
  • Billiards Print2
  • 3D Church Sign
  • Plexiglass Print1
  • vacum-formmable-muslin
  • two-sided-plexiglass
  • MicroEdge Print 3
  • Plexiglass Print2
  • Door Tag
  • MicroEdge Print 1
  • Presntation Check
  • Ceiling Tile
  • Vinyl Floor Print
  • clear-window-cling
  • 3D Church Sign2
  • Foil Print2
  • Foil Print1
  • Table Tent
  • Celebration Print
  • prototype packaging
  • Napkins Print1
  • single-sided-plexiglass
  • print-to-metal
  • adheasive-backed-floor-graphics
  • Billiards Print1

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Printable Materials

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  • Canvas and Canvas Wraps +

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  • Ceiling Tiles +

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  • Ceramic Tiles +

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