Custom printed wallpaper murals are truly dramatic and can give a space the pop your brand deserves! Your company lobby can have a floor-to-ceiling custom wallpaper of your product. Your restaurant can have a custom wall mural of old photos or scenery to set the right mood. Stores can have custom wallpaper that strengthens branding.

wallpaper wall muralDesign studio's, marketing agencies, interior designers, architect's - or perhaps you're just looking for a fresh way to decorate your commercial property - get in touch with our design staff today and find out how custom printed wallpaper can recreate your space!

Our wallpaper collection contains a vast range of textures on paper backed wall coverings that offer the toughest, most durable finish on the market today. These wall paper coverings work exceptionally well in high traffic areas. For extra durability and the tough jobs we supply a clear laminate ensuring your walls stay looking perfect year after year.

Combining our experience with your personality, ideas and inspirations and your space will come to life. Need help... let our design team, source and scale an image that will redefine your space.

Our design team will listen to your initial concepts and ideas, chat about colour pallets, textures and finish requirements. Indulge in all that inspires you, and mix it up with bucket loads of imagination.  Our in-house design team will go crazy developing a unique concept  resulting in a fantastic printed wallpaper individualized and personal to you!

Applications Include:

  • Lobby Murals
  • Retail Branding
  • Restraunts
  • Sporting Venues
  • Schools
  • Gymnasiums
  • Dance Studios
  • Car Dealerships
  • Retail Stores
  • Offices
  • Homes

Wall paper, wall murals are just one type of wall murals we offer:


 Contact Abstract Image Design Team at 631-439-9098 to discuss your Wall Mural Project.

Wallpaper Wall Murals