It is now possible to make unique changeable graphic walls and displays using the power of magnets and magnetic receptors!

There are 2 ways to create an interactive wall or display:

  1. Install a self adhesive magnetic sheeting directly to any wall
  2. Paint the wall with a magnet receptive primer so the double sided magnetic sheeting can be overlayed onto to the magnetic primer.

Once the wall is prepared, the magic is in the thin easy to handle printable substrate that has a magnet receptive backing.

Various receptive material finishes are available from a photo like polyester to fabrics, dry erase and chalkboard are available!

Benifits of magnetic receptive overlays include:

  • Reduce shipping costs: The lightweight, rollable graphics shipps easily.
  • Installation can be done by existing store staff due to the ease of installation.
  • Receptive graphic panels can be rolled up and saved for future use, allowing seasonal themes.
  • Multiple graphics can be overlapped: New offers, promotions or products can be added to the existing background
  • Great for menu boards

Interactive magnetic receptive walls are perfect for stores, restraunts, hospitals and even playfull designs can be created for pre-schools and children museums.