Labels are used in a lot of different applications from packaging to branding. Designers and marketing professionals need immediacy with manageable costs. Abstract Image Groups digital technology delivers both.

Brand managers and designers often require multiple variations or SKUs to test a label. Using the latest in digital die cutting technology Abstract Image Group makes it possible. There are always last minute changes and late additions, we are here to help. Your label or prototype will be as realistic as the final design you choose

If you require Small Runs, Kiss Cutting, High Tack or Re-positionable Pressure sensitive labels, Paper labels, Special Shapes and even White Ink, Abstract Image Group has to solution for you.

  • Color: We ensure your label or prototype is printed with the highest quality printing technology.
  • Graphics: So you need to make a change. We are here to help and ready to perform.
  • Bar codes: Are not a problem to print even with small runs.
  • Design consistency: Because of our quality control process Abstract ensures consistency in every run
  • Label Size and Shape: From Huge labels to small labels consistency is the key. Digital die cutting allows us to cut 1 or 10,000 the same every time.

We take labels seriously, from prototypes to production call us today to ensure you are getting the most out of your product.