Cooler Cling and Freezer Clings

Cooler clings and freezer clings are decals that adhere to refrigerated glass doors. These custom printed decals are perfect for in-store product advertising. They help make the consumer choose between your product and your competition. Perfect for new products or product specials they make it so the consumer can see your brand without looking thru condensation. Used in grocery stores, deli cases, supermarkets, gas stations, convenience stores, and drug stores worldwide. Cooler and freezer clings adhere to the glass doors and can be removed easily without leaving any residue.

Cooler Clings are effective Product Promotions

Cooler clings are excellent tools for marketing in any retail, grocery and convenience stores. They promote new products, build brands and can be used as effective call-to-actions delivering special promotions to the consumer. The point of sale is not always at the register and cooler clings bring the product out of the cooler closer to the consumer.

Cooler Clings can be custom die cut!

Die cutting allows you to use shapes to make your brand stand out from your competition. Custom die cut cooler clings are slightly more expensive that a square cut but can accentuate a promotion that you may be having or even highlight a feature than only your product has. By die cutting the cling you will get more attention from consumers. 

Cooler Clings can allow Stores to highlight and change specials and prices easily!

By adding a white starburst or a shape your retailers can customize the cooler cling to highlight pricing at a store level. By designing a shape into the basic cling this can also be an effective way to vary product promotions from store to store.