All over the country, hospitals, clinics, physicians offices and community health centers are using graphics and bulletins to reinforce health messages and brand health care facilities. From informing patients of important health issues, treatments to news of insurances and new procedures, Abstract Image Group has the solution to get your message out.

The time that visitors spend in waiting rooms gives you the perfect opportunity to reach you target audience with important educational announcements, programs and advertisements. Welcome visitors, share health care news with your target audiences. Promote gift shop products and special offers Advertise upcoming events and vaccination schedules. Promote community outreach and partner programs, supplement training and education efforts.

Abstract Image Group has been servicing the healtcare industry by producing signage, displays and decorating products for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Our experienced design team can design complete families of interior and exterior signage with cost-effective materials that meet usability and design requirements. Our project managers guide hospital management to help execute branding initiatives within budget and on time deliveries and installations.

Some of our indoor applications  include: portraits, wall coverings, vinyl displays, menu boards, banners, office signage, hanging window posters, directional signage, welcome signage and floor graphics. These products are perfect for lobbies, hallways, waiting rooms, vestibules, cafeterias, teller areas, cubicle panels and so much more.

Some of our exterior applications include: Sidewalk graphics, signage, pole banners, event banners and flags.

Abstract Image Group understands both the art and the science of creating a strong brand and a great experience for your visitors. Let us help you portray the right image through consistent branding. We make the process effortless through our superior service and support.

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