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Today, packaging can be the most important part of any product delivery. It can be used to create Unique Branded Unboxing Packaging Experiences. Branded is the key word as it can make your customer feel like they received a million dollars or just got another product. When the customer orders a product or service online, the first touch of that product is the arrival of the package in the mail.

Reciveing a package is the first interaction the customer has with your brand. If done right, a great branded package used as a unforgettable unboxing experience is a chance to deliver a functional product or gift, and create memorable unboxing moments for your customers. Remember with social media today, people alwawys like to talk about memorable moments. Let us take a look at Abstract Image Group’s annual holiday branded package experience as an example:

For years, Abstract Image Group has been creating branded holiday packaging that sends a small gift, as well as a holiday message to thank our customers for their business during that year. But it is much more and very exciting because our branded package experience visually speaks about our capabilities and what our team can do to help them.

Abstract Image Groups Holiday Packaging Project


Let’s walk thru one project. Our annual holiday branded box is designed and produced fully in house. It is never the same from year to year. To me it is very exciting to see how some of the special treatments, that are used in our holiday branded package are incorporated in our customer projects the following year. I have seen these treatments or printing techniques show up in standees, dump displays, POP displays, window graphics, floor graphics as well as packaging projects throughout the following year. Every year AIG customers tell us how they love and look forward to this holiday creation, so it has become an annual tradition that we look forward to doing.

Our goal was to make the annual Abstract Image Group branded holiday box a good example of our in-house design, printing and finishing capabilities. From printing full color or color+white+color on clear or solid materials to the finishing, die cutting and folding of the production materials. AIG team designs and manufactures a small, limited amount of these special gifts. This showcases that we can do a single piece or a large quantity run.

Our team at AIG breaks down our holiday packaging into 4 parts:

#1 Shipping Carton

First but most underused today is the outer shipping box. The traditional shipping or outer carton years ago, was once just thought to be a vessel to protect a product during the shipping and delivery process, but why?

You took the time to carefully package a product so that it did not get damaged in shipping, then taking the time to brand the package will make the customer feel like you really care. Think about this, the shipping box has the ability to set the tone to what has just arrived at your customer’s doorstep.

Branded packaging has the ability to create excitement about what there is to come, set the tone to what has just arrived at your customer’s doorstep. So in this example you can see we added a holiday joke making the shipping carton fun on the outside yet durable to protect the bow on the product box inside.

#2 Product Package

Branded shipping box and product boxAfter wew open the outer shipping carton we see the main interior product package or box. For a visual consumer, like I am, the visual on the product package may be better than the actual instructions on how to put the product together or can be used to display the products intended use. For others the product package can be the “WOW” moment and the excitement of getting a new item. “WOW” can boost the products perceived value 10 fold and can set the mood, expectations and quality of the packaged product.

In the Abstract Image Group Holiday Gift Box example we wanted a “WOW”, when you opened the custom brown outside corrugated shipping box. So we revealed a full color holiday branded die cut box containing the gift. The design in this custom package included a metallic plastic holiday branded bow, wrapping up a clear branded sleeve, that slid over, the branded die cut full color printed gift box. This combination created “WOW”.

#3 Inner Packaging

Open the product box. Yes… there it is, the inner packaging. In some instances you might want to use branded tissue paper and in others the actual product may require a product tray to hold the product during shipping.

In the case of the Abstract Image Group holiday branded box design we wanted the recipient to experience a new level of “WOW” excitement and anticipation. So the AIG team used secondary or individual product boxes for the inner packaging that contained the real holiday gifts. A holiday message was included at this point to add to the unboxing experience.

This design allowed us to highlight the fact that Abstract Image Group can die cut, as highlighted by the snowflake flap on the box. Our team used smaller boxes to separate the candies and created additional excitement in the packaging experience.

#4 Promotional Material  Do not forget to include branded promotional material, business card or in the Abstract Image Group Holiday Package for example, we include a holiday card. By including these items, it helps to assure the recipient that they received a complete package and someone cared enough to check the package before it shipped.

So lets sum it up. What Creates Unforgettable Unboxing Experiences?

Branded packaging creates unforgettable unboxing experiences. An unboxing experience is a thoughtful selection of shipping and packaging materials that can set a level of excitement and interaction with you, your customer and your product. It provides an additional value for your customer and your business by creating a positive first impression of your product, service, or concept, that is both memorable and shareable.

Abstract Image Group produces unique Packaging, POP Displays, Signage, Wall Graphics, and Branding products for Commercial, Retail, C-stores, Colleges, Teams and Stadiums that rely on us for unique indoor or outdoor branding visuals. For unique holiday decorations vist aigprint.com.

With manufacturing capabilities to create one off comprehensives to large print runs we are your one stop production shop.

For more unique solutions contact an Abstract Image Group product specialist today at 631-439-9098 or visit us at www.abstractimagegroup.com