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branded packaging

Today, packaging can be the most important part of any product delivery. It can be used to create Unique Branded Unboxing Packaging Experiences. Branded is the key word as it can make your customer feel like they received a million dollars or just got another product. When the customer orders a product or service online, the first touch of that product is the arrival of the package in the mail.

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package prototypes and comprehensives

Marketing and sales professionals all know the importance of having pre-production mockups sales samples for presentations, trade shows, focus groups and store planogram's. Product managers and product designers love to be able to analyze the actual package and the kind of impact it may have on the market and end user. Great prototype packaging is a true game changer, a vital tool that can help make products and companies look good.

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Retail Signage

Signage is the most effective POP tool available to retailers. You can create impressive return on investment (ROI) figures without too much effort. Signs are also one of the most least expensive types of advertising you can utilize in retail advertising. A good sign can create excitement about products or even services that you offer.

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ceiling danglers and custom ceiling danglers

Where can you find free space in most retail settings?  You do not need to look any further but up. Yes, up above the racks and displays, into empty space. With the use of ceiling danglers this space becomes great advertising space, as well as make your retail space exciting and informational to your customers.

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Large Format Printing and Graphic Design Blog.

At Abstract Image Group we believe knowledge is an important design tool. Because of this principle, this "Graphic Design and Display Production Blog" will give designers, knowledge of materials, hardware and advanced production techniques. We will discuss new printable materials, their applications and limitations. New hardware and manufacturing techniques that become available for large, wide format printing today.

Abstract Image Group hopes this content is informative and helpful. If you need additional help with your project, or would like us to write about a specific product or technique, please feel free to send us an e-mail.